WAITLIST - integrate further into product

Waitlists are a great feature - we couldn't function without them.  They were added to Connect in May, 2018, they work well, but they feel like an appendage.

This product suggestion to to integrate them further into the product.  In particular:

From the volunteer perspective:

  • It would be helpful for volunteers to see their waitlist responses displayed in their Volunteer Schedule (calendar view) alongside all their other responses
  • It would be helpful to see them integrated into the table of Need/Opportunity Responses with the option to UNREGISTER.  They are currently isolated in a separate table.

From the the site manager's perspective:

  •  It would be helpful for site managers to see waitlist responses in the Volunteerism->Responses table with all the other volunteer responses.    Ideally, there would be a way to filter the table to show just active responses, just waitlist responses, or both

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Hi John, thanks for your input!

I see three major changes here:

1. Add waitlist responses to the volunteer schedule/calendar view

2. Add waitlist responses to the responses table, instead of them being in their own table. 

3. Add waitlist responses to the manager responses table, with the ability to filter for waitlist responses. 

I will be sure to add these to our enhancement list, and bring these ideas up in our next review!

Would also like to see this as a sort option on the Manage Opportunites page, as well as have it show up on the export of all shifts and opportunities. 

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