Add option to turn off choice of CHECK IN NOW

When a volunteer checks in for a shift through Connect, their email link, or the mobile phone application, one of the options for the check in time is CHECK IN NOW.    The other two options are CHECK IN WITH THE SHIFT START TIME and CHECK IN WITH A CUSTOM TIME.   There is value in all three options, however our volunteers never need the CHECK IN NOW option.  Furthermore, this option confuses them.  Most of them think it means they are letting the volunteer coordinators know that they will be there tomorrow, or next week, or whenever their shift occurs for which they are checking in.  Because of these reasons, this product suggestion is to make the choice CHECK IN NOW optional as a site setting.

PS:  All of our volunteers check in through Connect or the mobile phone application.  The Kiosk is not viable due to the unreliability of mobile phone service and the lack of WiFi.

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Agreed, it would be nice to be able to customize the check in experience more. 

Hi, John and Katherine,

Thanks for that insight. I would be happy to pass this on to development to consider for future product enhancements. This will be what I submit:

Kiosks would have the ability to be more customizable, specifically in regards to the Check In options. Check In Now would only be displayed if the client turned on that option in their site settings. 

Does that sound correct?

Maia Price
Customer Experience Specialist

Hi, all, 

John and I corresponded via email and we decided that the following would be the best way to write up the enhancement for John:

Volunteer Check In through the site, the kiosk, and also the mobile app would be more customizable from site to site, specifically in regards to the options presented during check in. Check In Now would only be displayed if the client turned on that option in their site settings.

Thank you!

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