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We are currently using the blog function to publish a volunteer newsletter that is meant to inform all volunteers at our site. We would love to be able to have another newsletter/blog that could be available only to a particular group of volunteers that work at our adoptions desk. I know we could use a blast email and send it out that way, but we like the functionality of the blog because when new volunteers come on, they can go back and view the previous newsletters and learn information that way. 

I don't know is this is clear or not, but essentially I am wondering if it is possible to publish blog posts that are only available to be viewed by one specific user group. Or if there is another solution for sending monthly newsletters to a specific user group and being able to keep an archive.



Hi Mary,

Currently, the blog functionality is so that everyone can see what is posted on your site's blog and is not just limited to those who are signed in. The other thought I would have is to publish a custom page where your volunteers could access to links to your past newsletters. Although, that could only be limited by only allowing signed in volunteers to see the page. 

With all that in mind, I would be happy to pass this along to Development as a product enhancement suggestion!

To make sure I'm passing on the correct information:

Blogs would have the ability to be private and only be viewable by certain user groups. 

Does that sound like what you're looking for?

Maia Price
Customer Experience Specialist

Thanks for letting me know! That would be great if you could pass it along to the Development team. Your description of what I am looking for sounds just right.




Any update on if this technology change has been implemented. We would love to be able to restrict the blogs to only be available to volunteers when they are logged into the site.

Thank you,


Hi Cordell, 

Thank you for adding your voice to the chorus! Although we have not changed the functionality of Blogs in a way that would allow Site Managers to hide them for some users and not others, we do have the ability to restrict access to Custom Pages. 

Custom Pages are pages that you can design and add to your site. They start as a blank canvas, so you can add any elements like text, pictures, links, and embedded videos. You can also restrict access to Custom Pages to registered Users or just Site Managers. If you would like to learn more about Custom Pages, this article describes them very well. 

I will make sure that your request to add this capability to Blogs is recorded for our developers. In the meantime, I would recommend checking out more information about Custom Pages!

Thank you and I hope you have a great week!


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