Allow Agency Managers to Reactivate a Need

Our nonprofit partners ask me often how to reactivate an expired need. I have to do that for them but I am not always available to do so. This seems like a basic function that agencies should be able to do especially if they need to recruit again for an ongoing need.  Thanks!!

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Hi Katie,

Thank you for posting! Unfortunately, we don’t allow Nonprofits (Agencies) to reactivate inactive Opportunities for a few reasons:

  • The first issue lies with Agencies being able to bypass the approval setting that puts their Opportunities as "pending" until a Site Manager approves them. Previously, Agencies were able to set their opportunities to "inactive" then set them to "active" which was bypassing the approvals process and that was not something Site Managers wanted their Agencies to be able to do.

  • When Agencies reactivate Opportunities, we have found that they will also delete responses associated with the reactivated Opportunity. This makes the data on your site inaccurate and removes responses and hours that had previously been counted on your site.

  • Being able to reactivate Opportunities often stops Agencies from posting new opportunities with updated information.

If there is a deactivated Opportunity that one of your Nonprofits would like to reactivate, I would suggest using our cloning feature! This is the simplest way to copy an existing posting, while being able to update it accordingly and keep your data as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We also recommend advising Agencies not to deactivate their opportunities but instead let them expire. This will make it easy for them to find and clone in the future when they are hosting the activity again.

I hope that helps!


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