Allow Agency/Program Managers see the Private Need/Opportunity link

We have several opportunities that are open to only a few select volunteers so being able to make Private opportunities is a great feature.

But, Program Managers are not able to share the private opportunity link to volunteers, only Site Managers can.

Please provide a shareable link for Program Mangers to use to send to volunteers.

Hi Karyn,

Currently, Site Managers are the only individuals that will see the private Opportunity/Need Link that appears at the top of the page when an opportunity is designated as private.  In order to pass on the most accurate information to development, are you looking for a enhancement that enables program managers to have the same field that site managers have that appears on the top of the page when a need is designated private?

While development considers that enhancement, I hope I can provide some help! Once the aforementioned link is shared, whether with a Program Manager or a volunteer, it can be shared anywhere and available to whoever has the link. Additionally, an individual can access the private need link from their browser's address bar.

Maia Price
Customer Experience Specialist

Hi, All,

Karyn and I corresponded via email further about this and determined that I will pass this suggestion on to development:

When a need is designated as private, Agency/Program Managers will have the same direct link field that appears currently for Site Managers. 

Thanks everyone!

Maia Price
Customer Experience Specialist

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