Attaching a word or pdf volunteer application to the agency info and/or need

Hey there, can I attached an application somewhere? It's good sometimes for people to know the info we will ask for. Thanks! Patty.

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Hey everyone, Patty and I went into more detail about this question in a ticket. 

I recommended putting a link within an agency profile or each individual need, it would just depend on what you might be trying to achieve. Sharing it on your agency profile would mean that it is always up and available for users to see when they would like to refer back to it. Alternatively, if you decide to include it within a need, you can do so by adding it to the description itself or attach it as a waiver to view.  Just a note to remember: when using either of these methods the user would only be available to view the files and take out fill out. 

If you are looking to create a waiver users may be required to fill out or sign in order to participate in a need, I highly recommend checking out our eSign feature.  This feature can be created by site managers and used by agency managers. Keep in mind that with this a user can only sign and date waivers, there are no open fields.

I hope this was helpful for others who may need this information!


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