Make waiver in sign up process a requirement to fill out

I love that you added the waiver as an optional part of the sign up process, it has made things easier for a lot of my volunteers.  However, many of them are skipping over it because they don't realize they need to click on it to sign the waiver and the site doesn't require it before moving on.  Is there a way to make it a requirement before the next screen or at least make it bigger/brighter/bolder so people don't skip it?


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I've also been told I can make the waiver a requirement to view and respond to all needs but that doesn't work for our organization because we want potential volunteers to be able to see opportunities before signing up.  So if a "required to respond to all needs" could be added as a qualification option that would solve my problem as well.

Hi Melanie,

Thank you for your suggestion and explanation on what you’re needing! Here is the statement I plan on adding to our enhancements board:

“The ability to be able to set a waiver qualification to Required to Respond to All Needs site wide, rather than Required to View or Respond to Any Needs, so needs will still be visible but volunteers won't be able to sign up until they have met the qualification.” 

Did I summarize your suggestion properly?

Thanks so much for your input,

Hey Melanie,

I've logged your request on our enhancements board as stated above.

Thanks again!


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