Check mark icon on Program Schedule is confusing

In Program Manager view, Viewing the Schedule (with Showing Users or Showing Shifts) there is a green check mark next to the volunteer or the shift.

This is confusing because it appears as if in User View that person has checked in, or in Shift view that there is a volunteer scheduled.

I would like to recommend that this icon be dynamic depending on the status:

For example:

Green Circle=A Volunteer has Responded (both Show Shift and Show User views)

Open Circle: No volunteer has responded yet (Show Shift view) 

Green Check mark: Volunteer has checked in or recorded hours (both Show Shift and Show User views)

Green Circle: Volunteer has not recorded hours yet (Show User view)

Red X: Volunteer hours have been declined (Show User view)

The reason for this request: For some or our Programs, we have daily shifts and it is very challenging to see at a glance which shifts are open or which volunteers have recorded hours.

Here are some screen shots:

Animal Care Schedule: Which Dates still need volunteers?


Animal Care Users:

What Opportunity have they responded to?

Have the Users Recorded these hours yet?


Animal Care Hours:

Which of these hours corresponds to the Shifts and Responses?


I really appreciate the thought that goes into this system--and it is 100% better than our old Access database and paper time sheets. We're still in the learning curve of the system, but this is one feature that I think will help Program Managers better coordinate their activities.


Karyn Molines


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Hey Karyn - Thanks for the suggestion, and for the screenshots. We're actually planning to take another look at the schedule feature in the next few months for some possible enhancements, so this is particularly timely. I don't know as of right now exactly what kind of work the developers will be doing there, but I'll make sure to pass your notes along.


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