Ability to select individuals for Email

 It would be a huge time saver if there was a way to "FLAG" individuals with the ability to then email that group of "FLAGGED" individuals.


While going through and approving hours and noticing several individuals forgot to log out,  a site manager could flag those individuals and then email blast them vs having to email each person individually.

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Hi there! 

Good news, the software does have the ability to tag specific user accounts and then email those specific people. This can only be done in the user area though or in the individuals user account. For more information how to tag users, please email support@galaxydigital.com and we'll be super happy to help out. 

I read through some of the history of this request and I can see where the existing ability to add tags is not quite meeting your need. Here is my proposed enhancement based on what I think your specific needs are: 

  • The ability to add tags to user accounts from the /managers/hours area of the software. 
    • Use Case: I want to tag all users who have pending hours so that I can email them. 

Please let me know if I'm missing any puzzle pieces to what you want to accomplish. 

Alternatively, a different request could be: 

  • Add the ability to email all volunteers with pending hour submissions to the user filter. 

Happy to help! 


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