Ability To Mark Opportunities Priority

 I recently received a request from one of our local organizations to have a feature where they could "check-mark" certain opportunities as PRIORITY so those specific opportunities would stay at the top of the listing on their individual organization profile page. For organizations that have numerous opportunities, but would like to have users see more important or vital needs first, I see this feature as an advantage.

Thank you!

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Hey Cameron,

Thank you for your suggestion! Currently, the default view for opportunities is to show the most recently updated opportunity first. Knowing this, I can see how an agency could benefit from being able to choose or spotlight opportunities that may not have been the most recently added on their profile but are important to advertise to potential volunteers.

“The ability for agency managers to choose the opportunities listed on their profile page OR the ability for an agency manager to prioritize opportunities they want to show first at the top of their listing page”

Let me know if this is a good summary of your suggestion and I will add it to our enhancements board!


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This is a great summary! Thank you for the consideration!

You're welcome! I've went ahead and logged your request.



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Would love a "shuffle opportunities" setting so that when someone clicks on an agency they see random opportunities instead of the most recently posted. 

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for reaching out! We have a forum posts regarding this enhancement (you can find it here), so I will go ahead and log your feedback on our enhancement board for this feature. Thanks for being an active member of our Get Connected community!

Stay safe and keep up the great work!

All the best,


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