Private needs for my agency

Many needs i want to recruit from the wider community of any potential volunteer.

Some I want to restrict to just those who have fanned my agency.

Is there a way to limit an opportunity to be visible to just those who have fanned my agency?

Would this require new software development?


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Hi Larry, 

Thanks for the question. I looked up your account and see that you are an Agency Manager. Agency Managers do not have access to see who their fans are so there isn't a straight line solution for what you want to accomplish. There are two ideas I have for you: 

Idea 1

Reach out to your Site Manager and ask that they put all your fans into a user group for you. Once they have created this user group, you will be able to create private opportunities and assign those opportunities to the user group. This would result in opportunities that only people in the user group or people who have been given the link to the opportunity would be able to see. 

Idea 2

If you find that you need additional tools and access to more information about your volunteers, you may want to consider getting GetConnected Community. This would allow you to have your own site so you can better tools for managing your volunteers and provides the capability to connect to the United Way. This way you still get to keep your partnership with the United Way strong and get better tools. 

Happy Friday!


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