I don't understand what this means and why my Need has this status.  I saw something about needing approval by the Agency Manager, but that is me and I'm the one who posted this Need!

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Hi Paula,

Thanks for reaching out! 

The good news is that I have looked into this and it appears that your Need has been approved! Lowcountry Volunteer Connections requires that the Site Manager must approve Agency Needs before they appear to the public. This setting may have changed since the last time you posted a Need, which is why you may have been surprised by the "Pending" status. 

If you have any further questions, I encourage you to reach out to the Site Manager at Lowcountry Volunteer ConnectionsThis forum is for the site managers of our Get Connected product - Lowcountry Volunteer Connections is one of over 700 communities we support throughout the country.  You can always reach out to your Site Manager by opening your Agency Manager Toolbox and clicking "Contact my Site Manager".

I hope this was helpful! 

All the best,

Caitlin Lowe

I am having the same problem and, to the best of my knowledge, no one else has access to this site from my agency except me. I need to post two new opportunities, and the are sitting as pending, but I cannot find any options within my user profile or the agency's profile to allow me to switch this status. Please advise ASAP.

Hi Teresa! 

I just hopped onto the site that you work with and it appears that the Site Manager has now approved your opportunities. This is a control they have because they pay for the software, They can control what is and is not posted to their site. If there is a delay in the future you can always reach out to your Site Manager by going to your Community Partner Manager's Tool Box and clicking "Contact my site manager" as seen below: 

Happy to help! 



Galaxy Digital  

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