Agency Messages Come From United Way?

Is there any way to have messages that agencies send to their volunteers to actually come from them?  Currently, when they choose to message their volunteers through Galaxy Digital, it shows up as an e-mail from our United Way e-mail address.  This is incredibly confusing for the volunteer as they're not being contacted by United Way, but a different agency using our site.  Also, if the volunteer wants to respond, their response goes to United Way instead of the agency.  Then we have to route that response back to the agency, but we don't know what agency sent the message unless they directly said so in their original message.  We'd much rather the messages come from the actual agency, instead of having to be the middle man for communications.

Is there a way to fix this?  If not - is there a way to completely disable the Galaxy Digital messaging system?



Hi Elyse, 

All emails from your site will be sent from the Email From Address chosen in your site settings area. The software was built to be a one-way communication tool for agencies. so that if they need to send a last minute update to volunteers they can. There is a surprising amount of complexity behind having each agency manager email address validated so that it can send emails from your site, there is also a concern of too many emails being sent out damaging your score with google and causing any emails from your site being sent to spam. Given these complexities, we decided it was better not to provide the ability for agencies to email from their own addresses. We recommend keeping your site wide email address a no-reply email address so that volunteers know they need to contact people in a different way. You can use a no-reply for the automated emails and emails from agencies while still using a difference chosen email address for sending email blasts. 

Best practice is to use a no-reply and instruct agencies to include their email address when sending messages through the software so a volunteer knows who to respond to. 

You can disable all emails from being sent from your site but this will disable automated notifications, the email blast tool, as well as agency messaging capabilities. 

If you'd like more information about disabling emails, please reach out to

Happy Friday!



Is there a way to just disable agency messaging capabilities?  If not, I suppose this is a product suggestion.  If this isn't a two-way system, I would think the agencies would be much better off using their own e-mail, rather than a site-based messaging tool.  I don't want to disable all automatic notifications, but having the agencies use the messaging tool is confusing to them and the volunteers.  I'd rather just disable that feature completely.

Hi Elyse, 

The agency messaging feature cannot be disabled, so you're correct, that request would be a product suggestion! We recommend using a no-reply@ email address for your site so people know the automated notifications and quick reminders sent from agencies are one way communication. This enables agencies to easily send a quick update to volunteers for a specific opportunity such as: Bring an umbrella today! Without having to export the list and use an email outside of the software for a quick note. For more logistical type communication and coordination we do recommend that agency managers use their own email outside of the software. 

If you use the no-reply@ email for your site, you can still setup other verified email addresses to be used with the email blast tool for two way communication. 

Happy to help! 


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