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I read that you intentionally decided not to allow new sign-ups via the app. I think this is a huge mistake. If someone is going to download an app and allow it to take up space & push notifications, it needs to do more than just remind them to check-in. The ability to sign up for new opportunities or RSVP for events would ensure that users are actually engaging with the site while in the app.

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Also, why you think someone wants to download & open the app to create an account and then close it and go open a browser to respond to an opportunity baffles me. An app should enhance user xp.

Hi Heather! 

Happy to provide some insight for you on our plan with the App. We wanted to release a free App for our clients as quickly as possible so we targeted the main challenge our clients were facing which was logging hours first. We went to work building a brand new App that would help make it easier for volunteers to log hours with the intention of adding additional functionality with the next version. Just like with the main platform, we are always working on upgrading and updating the App. We haven't been able to release the next version yet but rest assured, we are working on it! Keep your eyes on our marketing emails for more information regarding those updates. For the latest information our most recent updates and what is coming, check out our website here.

Hope things are good down in the Piedmont!


Thanks, Ali. Is there a way to turn off the pop-up notification for browser users that pushes the app then? We're getting complaints.

Hi Heather, 

This is something we can help with. Please lookout for an email from support@galaxydigital.com. 

Happy Friday!


Watching for updates to the app. Our uses are asking for it.  There is very little functionality there that our users can use.  Minimally, adding RSVP or "respond" functionality would be awesome. 

Hi Shelley,

Sorry for the delay with replying to your comments in regards to looking out for updates to our App! 

Thanks so much for adding your thoughts, I will be sure to add this to our current notes in regards to expanding App functionality. 

I will also be sure to reply to this thread when any movement is made in the App realm, so you can be made aware of any future updates for your volunteers to enjoy!

Have a great holiday weekend,


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