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Hello! I have an event in for one of our agencies that happens once a year for ten days. We have been using this for volunteer sign ups now for 3 years and will use it again this year. My question is, when I try to export responses from the manager's link under "volunteerism", I get all the needs from years past also and I would just like to get the ones on the report that haven't happened yet. I know from reading other posts that you don't recommend making needs "inactive," but how else can this be done? There are about 30-40 needs each year and now that we are in our 4th year of using this program we get all of the responses when we run that report to share to the different board members who will manage the volunteers. Thanks!

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Hi Joe! 

Great question and I get to talk about one of my favorite tools in the software. For an event like you're describing, we'd recommend using our initiatives tool. It will allow you to group each event's needs together and easily export the responses just for that event! Here is the link to register for the live training on this tool: 

To register for an Initiatives training, click here!

Another approach would be to put something in the title of each need in the event that is unique to the event. This would allow you to filter responses by agency and then by the unique identifier in the name of the need giving you the grouping you're looking for. 

If you would like more information on either of those approaches please email us at and we'll be happy to dig further into the solutions! 

Happy Friday! 


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