New option for user Bulk actions - Create Need Response

We would like to be able to do a query to select volunteers who have been active in a specific need, and add them to another need using the Bulk actions for users.

Many of our volunteers are reluctant to use computers, only use the kiosk, and do not easily transition when dated needs change (we still have people selecting expired needs from August of last year, because they show up on the kiosk). We need an easier and more effective way to be able to shift users to new needs.

For example, we have several needs that will run yearly, such as "Pantry (2020)". We would like to be able to do a query to select volunteers who have been active in the "Pantry(2020)" need, and add them via a Bulk option to a new "Pantry (2021)" need. 

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Hi Beth,

Thanks for sharing your use care here! We currently have the ability to filter users based on whether they have responded to a certain need or not, so what we would need to add to support this request is the ability to bulk add responses on behalf of those users. This enhancement has already been added to our board, so I have added your voice to the chorus.

I also took a minute to look over the ticket where this conversation originated and I think you shared a great use case for removing expired needs from the check-in kiosk. While I know there are a few conversations going on about whether to make this change, I want you to know I'm going to add this to the enhancement board as well: "Prevent Volunteers From Checking in to Expired Needs From the Check-In Kiosk".

Thank you again for being an active contributor to our Product Suggestions Forums! 

All the best,

Caitlin Lowe

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