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We're curious about any future development plans for the GetConnected App. We were very excited when the App was first announced, but unfortunately the first version doesn't offer the functionality our volunteers need. We don't require our volunteers to check-in or track hours, so these features aren't useful for us. The options to browse/search for opportunities, register, and edit/unregister would make this App very popular with the majority of our volunteers. 

Are there any plans in the near future to roll out some or all of these tools?  

Thank you!


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Hi Kate,

Thanks for posting! In the initial creation of the app, we wanted to provide something quickly as possibly to target the main challenge of a large majority of our clients -- posting hours. The goal is to add additional functionality with the next version, but we're always working on updating and maintaining the app. The next version is not quite ready just yet, but we have teams hard at work on it!  Keep your eyes on our marketing emails for more information regarding those updates. For the latest information our most recent updates and what is coming, check out our website here.  

Have a great day,

Maia Price
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We recently joined the Galaxy family, and started using the App with our volunteers back in February.  We're glad it helps with check-in, but our volunteers have also been asking about why the App doesn't have all the same functionality as the website.  They especially want to be able to sign up for their next volunteer shift, and browse other opportunities, on the app.  It seems like this is a request from many others, even outside this product suggestion.  Is there any news about when the next app update will take place?



Hi Allison, thanks for writing in, and welcome to the Galaxy Family!

We are hard at work on the next version of the mobile app, and these are all requests we have taken into account for the next build. I can't speak to a specific release date, but I can say that requests like the ability to respond to needs from within the app are well documented! 

We appreciate your feedback, and we will announce any major changes to the app to all of our site managers!

Have a great day, 

Very excited to see the next version of the mobile app.  Any additional functionality would be great.  Our users have not "use" for the check-in functionality either.  

Hi everyone,

I wanted to revisit this forum thread to let you know some exciting news! We just released a major update to our volunteer app and it is live and ready to download! To learn more about it, click here!

With this update, we have included a lot of new features including the ability to browse and search for needs/opportunities to respond to.

We are always trying to improve our software and always appreciate the insights our site managers give us. We hope you enjoy the new app!



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