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Add Instagram, LinkedIn and other social platforms to the Agency page as options. 

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Hi Allison,

Thanks for taking the time to voice your support for this enhancement. I've noted your feedback for our developers!

All the best,


I second the request for Instagram links being available to agencies and events!

Thank you Elle and Dustin! I will add your voices to the team's notes for this enhancement. 

Have a great day!



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I agree these additions would be helpful!

Yes, I agree adding Instagram & LinkedIn as well as making this optional would be great. 

I have also noticed attempting to share through google is not possible for some reason and is potentially a bug issue. 

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Hi Corinne and Jennifer,

Thanks so much for posting in our forums! I'll log your suggestions on our enhancement board as follows:

"Expand the variety of social media platform link options on agency profile pages."


"Provide more platform-sharing options, such as Instagram, for a user to share opportunities or events they have signed up for on."

Let me know if these sound like what you're looking for! Thanks again for helping us constantly improve our software.


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Yes!  Please add Instagram to the Agency pages.  Also, provide it as an option when a user wants to share an opportunity or event.

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