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When a user follows the join link for a group, have them automatically put into that group and show them the opportunities available right away. There are too many steps from joining a user group to signing up for an opportunity. 

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Hey Kristen,

Thank you for your suggestion! With your approval, I'll add it to our enhancement board as follows:

"To streamline the user group joining process by automatically adding a user to a user group when they initially click a user group join link. Also upon sign in/sign up, lead the user to their user group's opportunities list page, rather than the user group profile page, to quickly get users engaged with the software."

Let me know what you think!


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Thank you! I've gotten so many complaints from volunteers about how confusing it is. 

Great suggestion!   Our users find it confusing as well.

Hey everyone,

I have logged this request! Additionally, I have added your vote to this, too, John. We always are trying to improve user experience in our software and appreciate your insight on this!

Have a great day!


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