Site manager ability to show/hide "Map View" feature from the search area/resolve 00000 zip code location icon

On both events and opportunities, can you give site managers the ability to show/hide  the ‘Map View” icon from each search/filter area?   i.e.: Could you please create the ability for the site manager to have the option of turning off the 'Map View' feature from the search area?  

Asking because our site only covers Oregon, but our events and opportunities with a 00000 zip code (ones that can be done anywhere in the state of Oregon) are being displayed in Minnesota.   (And if the developers have a different resolution for this, I would be interested to know it!) 

Hi Devra,

I;ve commented on a different post of yours with a similar as but wanted to share by summary of your enhancement here, as well

The problem that seems to be happening is that when you post an opportunity that doesn't occur at a physical location, you use the 00000 zip code. However, this appears on the map view as a Minnesota location. What seems to be missing is the ability to create opportunities that don't have a physical location, but tag them in a way that keeps them in the area served by your organization (Oregon).

Could I summarize the enhancement as this:

"As a volunteer, I want to be able to filter by county or the map view and see all opportunities that don't occur at a physical location but occur in the areas a non-profit serves, so that I don't miss out on any opportunities."


"As a site or agency manager, I need to post opportunities that don't occur at a physical location and ensure that they appear on the map and county filters for the areas my organization serves, so that they are not missed by volunteers."

Let me know what you think!

Hi Caitlin,

Yes, that is a great summary.   I wasn't sure if your team would see these as two separate issues or one, so posted two requests.  Feel free to merge these into one if that's better for you. 



Hi Devra,

Fantastic! I've added this to our enhancement board and we are currently working through solutions. Have a great week!

All the best,


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