Allow select/de-select of users

The User admin page provides a list of all users. The only way to winnow down this list is by the use of User Filters. We would like to be able to select/de-select users manually, and be able to perform one of the bulk options on the list of selected users only.

In addition the User Filter has many good options, but they are not always what we need. Sometimes, however, there is a filter that would give us a good 'first cut' at a list of users. We would like to be able to select/de-select users AFTER the User Filter is performed, in the same way.

Hi, Beth,

Thanks for posting to the forum! Would it be helpful to have a checkbox selection on the users page? If so, I would happy to pass that along to our enhancements team. This is potentially, what I will pass on:

"Site managers would be able to select users via a checkbox selection and perform bulk actions, in addition to the user filter."

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That's it!

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