Pop-up box wording

I've already reached out to support and they're going to do a language override for me, but I feel like it's something that others may want implemented as well.

I noticed the pop-up box that shows up after a user fans something or responds to something suggests making a donation to the local United Way.  I understand it might be different with having an agency profile on a United Way's Connect website. As a Habitat for Humanity affiliate and having our own Community Connect site, I prefer the pop-up box suggest making a donation to us. I attached a picture to better explain.

Hi, Christina,

Thanks for posting here in the forum! I appreciate this post and I will make sure this gets passed on to our enhancements team. Essentially, you would like the default language changed around the donation pop-up to not say "your local United Way," but rather to the specific organization. Correct?

Customer Experience

Hi Maia,

Yes, that's correct. Thanks so much!

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