One Company - 3 Volunteer Managers for Different Sites

We are working with a local hospital that has several branches in our 3 county area.  We are working with them to determine whether each site should have their own agency account or if they should all be combined under the 1 name.  They have 3 different volunteer coordinators.... one for each of their 3 main branches.  Each of the branches has different ways they use volunteers, although some of the roles are similar.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  

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Hi Debbie!

Thanks for posting this question. My advice would be to have each location have it's own agency account. The main reason for this is the emails they will receive. Because there are three different coordinators, they might be confused if they are receiving emails about another locations volunteers. If they each have their own agency profile, they'll only be managing things that are relative to their program and won't get confused sifting through two other location's volunteers. 

I hope that helps! Please feel free to provide more information or ask additional questions about this idea. 


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