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I submit a ticket to the Support team, but I also want to add this in here to see if it's an enhancement that can be considered. It would be helpful to turn on and off the “need_unregister_agency_notification” and “uw_agency_need_response” per program and/or opportunity, instead of site wide. Some of our smaller program managers, mangers of more specialized volunteers (chefs, nutritionist) would like to be notified, but because we use 160 people per day in our largest opportunity sorting at the distribution center, we don’t that program manager to have to get the register and unregister emails that come with that program. Since it's currently a site with off and on, it's causing a problem with our program managers. I would be open to any other discussion on this upgrade. 


Tarrant Area Food Bank

Hi Kayla,
We often advise program managers with large numbers of volunteers signing up to turn off the settings in their individual profiles to "receive system emails and messages". And instead to login regularly to view and manage responses per opportunity or using the export from "stats".  For any individual that doesn't want the constant emails, they can set it so they won't get any. 
Montgomery County Volunteer Center

Hi Kayla and Molly,

Thanks for adding your voices here.

I would be happy to pass this along to our development team, Kayla. To confirm you would like the ability to either exclude/include agencies from getting the “need_unregister_agency_notification” and “uw_agency_need_response” notifications. Does that sound right?


Maia Price
Galaxy Digital

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