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It would be useful to be able to edit the page that invites agencies to join our site. This would aid in allowing us to be specific about the organizations that recruit our students. Currently, we would like to keep our "agencies" to non-profits and municipalities, and limit the requests from for-profit organizations. 

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Hi Estela,

Thanks for adding your voice here! Just to confirm, what changes would you like to see in the agency registration form? I want to make sure I'm passing on the right info to our development team to consider for an enhancement.


Maia Price
Galaxy Digital

We would love this as well, the option to add custom fields, ask custom questions. 

Hi, Molly,

Could you let me know a little bit more about your thoughts with this request? Are you looking to include language on the Agency Registration form that indicates an organization's non profit status? Like an EIN or nonprofit status, i.e if they have a 501c3 or other?


CX Specialist
Galaxy Digital


We are you looking to include language on the Agency Registration form that indicates an organization's non profit status exactly like the EIN, nonprofit status, i.e if they have a 501c3 or other. Additionally, being able to customize the actual sign up page to have that type of recruitment wording would be helpful for us. 

Hi Maia,

We need to add custom fields asking agencies questions about specific programs, or characteristics about their own programs. Some examples for us are:

-Is your organization requesting Student Service Learning (SSL) approval from Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)?

-Is your organization part of Montgomery County COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster?

-Select the type of organization: 501c3; local government; MCPS; ....


IDEALLY, we’d like options:

A) to have questions for agencies that they see and that do NOT show on their public facing page, like the current EIN field.

B) to have custom fields that only we could see as admin, like the current comments field and the tags field – but able to have unique fields for different questions, not how we’re currently using tags.

C) to have fields they answer and that do show to the public.

D) to have fields that we could complete, they could see when logged in, but they couldn’t change. An example would be a record of when they last attended one of our required orientations. They could see what we enter, but they can’t change that date and it doesn’t show to the public.


BUT… I know I’m getting ahead of the question.
Really if just A or just B would be available that would be GREAT – both/either are more important than C & D.


The lack of custom fields continues to be a huge handicap in how we are able to use this software.  Although it is a great application and we are so grateful for your professional management and support!  


Thank you for considering this again!!!!


Hi, Molly,

Thanks for this information! To confirm you are looking for custom fields for agencies that has multiple functionalities (1) that they can answer and change and are not public facing (2) that they can answer and change that are only for the site managers to view (3) that site managers can fill in, but that agency managers can see and not edit that are only for the site managers to view.

Does that sounds correct?

Maia Price
CX Specialist

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