Seeing the Notes Written in Opportunity Responses

Many students would like to provide similar information for every Opportunity Response they write. For our ESL students, this note is an assignment; the instructor would benefit from being able to see it. And yet, once the students submit the Response, the message is gone. It does not appear in their Inbox. They do not receive a copy of it via email. They cannot see it when they go to Opportunity Responses in their profile. The note is just...gone. This does not make sense. Why do students not have access to what they have written?

Is there a way for them to access the note under Opportunity Responses? Or even better, is there a way for them to receive a copy, via email, of what the agencies receive? This way, they know that the message was sent out, and if needed, they can forward it to instructors? Perhaps there is a way to toggle on a feature like this?

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Hi Sapan,

Thanks for sharing your feedback! I think you've made an interesting observation regarding the functionality of our Notes field when working from the SLM use case. Because this feature will be used differently across products, I'd like to propose the following enhancement:

  • As a volunteer, I would like the Notes field to be included in Need Response Thank You Message, so that at a later date I can access and verify the note I sent.

With the enhancement you're proposing, will students need to edit this field after the fact? Are there any other ways the Notes field is being used as a way to complete an assignment? 

I look forward to learning more about this use case and hearing more from our broader community about this field!

All the best,


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