Volunteers for a food packing program

We are in the initial stages of preparing to set up a large scale food packing program through our Centers for Food Action and the Community Food Bank and Bergen County government.  I going to test initiatives to get out a major request for volunteer packers at some point in the next few days.

Has anyone already set up an initiative for COVID - 19?  

If so, I would love to see or hear what you have done so far.

Debbie Emery

Hey Debbie - 

We have an initiative and a resource page for COVID-19. 

The initiative is specifically for our food distribution program https://volunteer.loveoutloudws.com/need/?need_id=508767&need_init_id=3011

The resource page https://volunteer.loveoutloudws.com/covid/ is where we are posting the late-breaking needs - we're finding many of our community partners to not have time to update their profiles among the work they're doing - we're helping (and suggesting to those with time) to post COVID specific updates on their profiles "what we do" in bold red - and to send us their needs to post here. It's been incredibly successful for our community and helps us make sure we're getting real-time (or as much as possible) information to the many volunteers and leaders working on this. 

Hi Debbie! We've created two initiatives, one for volunteering in-person and one for volunteering virtually. Both are linked from this custom page, which is linked in a spotlight on our home page. I hope that gives you some ideas and I'd love to see what you decide to do!

Thank you Liz.  Keep well and safe.  I will keep posting as our program moves forward.  So nice to be able to share.


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