COVID Resource Page / Health Protocols / Initiative Use!

Hey Galaxy Digital Friends, 


I wanted to share some resources we've curated that have been especially helpful to us (and hopefully will be to you!) amidst COVID-19. 


1. Volunteer Resource Page 

This "custom page" is where we are posting the late-breaking needs - we're finding many of our community partners to not have time to update their profiles among the work they're doing - we're helping (and suggesting to those with time) to post COVID specific updates on their profiles "what we do" in bold red - and to send us their needs to post here. It's been incredibly successful for our community and helps us make sure we're getting real-time (or as much as possible) information to the many volunteers and leaders working on this. 


2. Health Protocols

We've worked with the two major hospitals and county health departments to define health protocals for who can volunteer; volunteer safety; who shouldn't volunteer - as well as handbooks for the food distribution sites with helpful information about things to keep in mind, cleaning checklists, and social distancing rules. Feel free to glean from these if they are helpful to you or your planning.

Volunteer Health Protocols Here.

Food Distribution Site Handbook

Food Distribution Site Daily Checklist

6 Steps to Avoid the Spread of COVID-19 While Volunteering


3. Initiative to organize distribution sites: 

With social-distancing and our governor's rule of no more than 10 people gathering, we're hosting 9 (12 beginning next week) food distribution sites through a collaboration of partners around the city. The initiative function is specifically for those opportunities and allows us to keep track of the volunteers at some of the sites (other sites are providing all their own volunteers). As managers, we can easily email all the volunteers signed up (like with directions regarding our county's "stay at home" ordinance in place tomorrow.), remind them of health protocols and more. 


Looking forward to seeing your ideas as well - we're only better together!


Liz Miller

Partnership Director, Love Out Loud (Winston-Salem, NC) |


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