Make Hours Add function for managers consistent in all parts of the system

In QUICK ADD USERS AND HOURS the user name needs to be the search criteria, not the user email.

In ADD HOURS entry for an individual user the drop down box needs to display all opportunities like the way it works in the QUICK ADD USERS AND HOURS function.

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The QUICK ADD USERS AND HOURS drop down menu only shows the User Name, not the email, so it's confusing why the search is only on the email.

I would add the following: Please have the search have a wildcard feature so that if you type in  moli it will find it if it's in the middle of the email/name not just the beginning.

Hey y'all,

Thank you so much for the input! We appreciate you bringing this up to us in our forums.

I will add your suggestions to our enhancements board as follows:

"To make the Quick Add Users and Hours and the general Add Hours functions more consistent in use. Have both work in a similar manner, where users can be looked up with their name rather than their email address in addition to having the active needs be listed in the drop down menu."

I will expand on this in my notes and add your input about searching, Karyn!

Thanks again, everyone.


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