Change the update option when adding a photo to an Agency (Program)

When adding a photo to one of our Programs (aka Needs) a popup appears stating "You must refresh your page...Be sure to submit any other changes to your Profile before refreshing." with  two buttons "Okay" and "Refresh Now" 

This is confusing. This pops up while editing a Program (Need) not my Profile. So that language should be clarified. If this pop up is used throughout the site, or Profile is a general word for any Agency, Need, or User page, the wording should be changed to something more general like "Update this page to save your changes."

I would like the button "Refresh now" to be changed to be "Update page" so that you don't have to click Okay, then Update, then Refresh (through browser button)

It might not even need to have this popup be anything but OK and Cancel.  In the info box that pops out when clicking the question mark next to Photos heading, (which again refers to profile) you could add something like: "Photos will show in edit mode after the page is Updated and Refreshed."

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Hi Karyn,

Thanks for sharing your feedback here! The term "Profile" is applied to both the Program/Agency and User experience. For example, managers edit their Agency/Program profiles and Users edit their personal profiles. Needs/Opportunities will only feature photos if they are included in the WYSIWG (what you see is what you get) text editor and will not require a page refresh to view these images.

With that in mind, I think you've shared great feedback regarding the experience of the pop-up. Here is what I will suggest to the development team:

  • Streamline the user experience of the Add Photo Pop-Up on a profile page
    1. Option 1: Remove the pop-up and use the Help Text to inform the user as to why the image does not appear immediately and outline the steps needed to view the image.
    2. Option 2: Change the behavior of the "Refresh Now" button to instead "Update Changes" and "Refresh Page", so to provide more clarity and ease-of-use for the end user.

Please let me know if this enhancement proposal captures what you're looking for!

All the best,

Caitlin Lowe

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