System automatically prevents double booking?

Hi team,

Many of our opportunities take place at the same time but in different locations. It's physically impossible for someone to be in both places at the same time. 

It seems the system will allow a volunteer to double book, making both reservations and not recognizing that they already have a reservation at the same time and deny the request. Is this functionality possible?

See below for an image in which I start at 8:00a at both Abraham Lincoln and AP Giannini on the same day!

Thanks for looking into this!




Hi Cody,

Thanks so much for posting your insight on our product suggestions forum! I've made a note on our enhancements board to go over with the team as follows:

"Add preventative or safe guard measures to keep users from double booking and signing up for an opportunity or shift if they have already responded to one that is happening at the same time."

I hope that encapsulates your request! Thanks again!


CX Specialist

She / Her

This is perfect, thanks Shonie!

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