Update Template Keys in Upcoming Need Reminder

Hi all,

I may have been posting in the wrong place so I'm adding this here now.

It would be really helpful to duplicate the template keys in "Upcoming Need Reminder" as are in "Need Response Thank You".

I would like to make sure volunteers have the below info in every email about a shift as opposed to having to dig through their inbox to find the initial confirmation.

You are confirmed for {{agency_name}}!

Shift: {{need_title}}

Date and Time: {{shift_times}}

Location: {{need_comment}}



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Hi Cody,

Yes, you're in the right place! I just replied to your other comment in a similar thread, here. I'm going to go ahead and merge the topics together, since you are asking for the same enhancement in both.

I've added this to our board to review with the team. Thanks so much for your input, we really appreciate it!



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