Improve layout in survey export file

This product suggestion is to improve the layout of LIST survey data (both RADIO and DROPDOWN) written to the file created when exporting a survey.

The current layout creates a field for every option in the LIST, and then enters the number 1 into the field the volunteer selected.  All other fields are left blank.  This is awkward, both to the eye and in Excel.  Here's a simple example of an exported survey file with one LIST using RADIO buttons for shirt size (Small, Medium, and Large).  The exported file shows one response, a volunteer who selected SIZE Large.

Date                      USER_ID    SIZE(Small)     SIZE(Medium)   SIZE(Large)

5/5/2020 14:33      123456                                                          1

The file would be easier to use if it contained just one field representing the LIST (similar to the Yes/No data type), and the value entered would be the volunteer's selection, either the text value itself (also known as the ANSWER) or the CODE - whatever that is.  Note:  I haven't been able to find any references to how the CODE is used, but it seems like it might be useful. 

Using the same example, here is what the new file would look like:

Date                      USER_ID    SIZE

5/5/2020 14:33      123456       Large

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Hi John, thanks for reaching out, I hope you are staying healthy and safe!

I can definitely see how condensing the questions into a single column that contains all of the answers would make the export file easier to navigate. I will make sure to add this to our list of enhancements. Based on my experience, there may be some technological reason why it wasn't built the way you suggest in the first place, but barring that, I think this request makes a lot of sense and I will be sure to bring it up to the team.

Have a great weekend!

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