Bulk Selection of Volunteers

 It would be nice to be able to pull up a list of volunteers and "select" them individually to create a group of people to either add tags, or email , etc. Instead of having to use the filter system or by having to look them up individually.

For example, I recently created a volunteer BINGO . There was no one filter or subset of filters I could create once I was notified of the 68 people willing to participate.  I had to individually look up all 68 volunteers and add a tag to their profile so that I could then create a filter based on that tag for communication purposes.. It was very tedious and time consuming.

Hi Andrew, 

Thank you so much for your suggestion! It sounds like it would be best to have an additional way to select volunteers outside of the User Filter. Maybe include a check box next to each individual's name so that you can do bulk actions for selected users, similar to Opportunities. Does that sound right, or am I missing the mark? 

Thank you! 

You got it 100% . That would be awesome. Just like some other bulk selections within the site.


Wonderful! I'll go ahead and share this with our Developer's enhancement board. Thank you again for your suggestion!



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