Add custom questions to agency registration

I would like to be able to add custom questions that I ask an agency when they register on our site, similar to what you can ask users when they register. 

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Yes! You'll see this as an earlier product suggestion that I've made a few times.

All of these options would be excellent, but any one of them would be great: 

- custom question for agencies that they'll see at registration or update

- custom fields that only admin can see - like current comments field - but with the options to have date fields, etc. 

- the ability to make any one of these custom fields visible to the public 

Thank you Rebeccah! 

Molly -

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Hi all, thanks for writing in!

I will make sure to document this idea and bring it up to the team. It sounds like the idea here is to add a new section to the agency registration page that lets you create custom registration questions, where you can also set the data type. Molly's request adds an additional layer, and would let site managers add custom fields to the agency page that aren't necessarily visible to the agency manager. I think that this would actually be two enhancements, and I will make sure to document these ideas and bring them to the team. Have a great weekend!

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I agree with this suggestion - would be very helpful for our volunteer center!

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Hi, Amelea,

Thanks for adding your support to this post! I'll make sure to log it with the enhancements team.


Maia Price
Galaxy Digital CX

Hi Maia,

We agree! It would be an exceedingly helpful feature and already exists for users, we would just like to see it expanded to agencies. 

Hello Crosby,

Thank you for voicing your feedback for this suggestion! I'll be sure to refer back to the enhancement team of your support for custom questions expanded to agencies.

With gratitude, 


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