Add "Week Day" to Opportunity Sort

Hi all,

I would like to see a "Week Day" filter added to the Opportunity "Sort By" function. 

Many people want to get involved and because of their work schedule can come in on Tuesdays, for example. It's possible to search by Date, and that's very helpful, and a Day of the Week search could help users find a shift for themselves. 

I realize the calendar is available and a good option. However, the Date filter is available in List, Tile, and Map view and I think Week Day would also be very helpful.



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I guess you are talking about date-specific needs, but if this is considered as an additional filter for all needs it would be good to have it as a choice:

weekday daytime

weekday evening




Hi Cody,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! Based on what I'm hearing, I'd like to propose the following request. 

  1. Allow Volunteers to filter the opportunity/need list by day(s) of week

Molly, thank you for sharing your feedback, as well! For your request, there are a few pieces I'd like to touch on. Please review to ensure I'm accurately capturing your goals with each.

Duration Type

  • Because of the nature of Ongoing and Runs Until needs, it won't be possible to filter these types of need by date, day, or time. 

Weekday daytime/Weekday evening

  • Only shift needs allow a manager to input a start time. For this reason, this filter would be limited to only needs that use a shift Duration Type. Because we don't capture end times when setting up a shift need, there may be some inaccuracies. For example, if a shift starts at 6am but runs until 7pm. With this in mind, I can propose the following to our development team:
    • As a volunteer, I would like to filter needs by time of day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)


  • If Cody's request is implemented, the volunteer could layer these filters to achieve a "weekend" filter by selecting Saturday/Sunday


  • The need form doesn't currently allow managers to indicate a need is overnight. With this in mind, I would propose the following:
    • Create an "Overnight" field that managers can use to indicate the opportunity takes place overnight
    • Include this new field in the filter dropdown

Let me know what you think!

All the best,


Hi Caitlin,

Thanks for looking into this!

  1. Allow Volunteers to filter the opportunity/need list by day(s) of week <- perfect!

As for Molly's request, maybe an additional filter option could be shift start time. Paired with the weekday filter, someone could find Fridays that start on or after 1pm. 


Hi Cody,

Thank you for that feedback! I will share the following requests with our development team:

  • Include a filter for "Shift Start Time" on the View Opportunities page so that volunteers can filter opportunities that work best with their schedules

Please let me know if you have any additional feedback!

All the best,


Hello everyone,

I also think it would be great if we could sort by the day of the week. We recently gave a survey to a group who is interested in volunteering with us, and 100% of the 25 people said that day of the week is important to them when they are choosing or not to volunteer. I'm not as worried about the time of day, although that is a good idea. I realize though that might be hard with certain types of needs.

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Hi Melissa,

Thank you for submitting this idea to our forum.

From what I understand from your request, here is what I will be adding to our team's notes:

The ability for volunteers to be able to filter opportunities by day of the week they occur?

Please let me know if there are any details I may be missing.

Thank you and have a great day!

All the best,


Hi all,

I saw this similar thread and wondered if that suggestion or this one would be able to help solve the other?


Hi Cody,

Thanks for this information! I will go ahead and link that forum post within the current notes we have on this request on our end, since they are somewhat related!

Thanks again,


CX Specialist


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