Auto Notification for APPROVED Needs

For sites that function as a volunteer center and who manually review and approve volunteer needs posted by agency managers, it would be incredibly helpful if the system would send an automatic notification to agency managers when the needs are approved. The notification would serve as a critical communication that their need is now live and ready to 1) receive volunteer responses, and 2) be shared thru the agencies other channels (social media, newsletters, etc).

That 2nd item (sharing thru the agencies other communication channels) is imperative to the success of the site/portal. If agencies do not use the need link provided by the system to promote the opportunity outside the site....their volunteer response rate will be low. 

As a site manager, my goal is to encourage and remind agency managers to use the need link in their promotions. BUT....they shouldn't share the need link until a site manager has reviewed and approved the need. Thus, the need for an automatic notification. It's a no-brainer, really!

Who's with me?! :)

Brooke Parkinson, CNP

Director, Volunteer Houston

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Hi, Brooke,

Thanks for adding your thoughts to the forum! I agree that it would be helpful for Agency Managers to be notified when their need is approved. I'll definitely pass on the need for a notification to the enhancements team.


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Any word on this enhancement? I'm running into another road block because it doesn't exist......yet! :) 

Hi Brooke, 

This one came up in last week's enhancement meeting, and this is in our list of requests to bring up to the product team to talk about next steps and see if there are any technical barriers that might keep us from doing this. The good news is that this idea has made it to the next step of our vetting process!

We will keep you updated on the progress of this enhancement request as we continue to create our list of things to add to future builds.  Thanks as always for your feedback!

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