Ability to see date user account added without having to export

I might be missing it but I don't see a way to view the date an individual user account was added without exporting a list of users. This is a minor request, not critical, but would be good to have that field there visible on the screen, either as one of the "table filter" options at Volunteerism/Users just looking at the list on the screen, or even within the individual record when you click on it. 

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Hi, Molly,

Thanks for adding this to the forum. I agree that it would be helpful to easily see the date your volunteers joined the site. This could help individual volunteer managers identify volunteers who either might need some coaching because they are new to the site or who the long-term volunteers are. To confirm, this is what I'll pass along to the enhancement team: "The ability to see the date that the volunteer joined the site, either on the user's profile page or as a table filter selection."

I hope that catches the essence of your request!


Maia Price
Galaxy Digital CX Team

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