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Surely I cannot have the only organization affected by Covid, making volunteerism tough. Unlike most organizations, my volunteer site only lists jobs that will be at the State Fair which is an 11 day event. In doing so, I post over 180 shifts and have over 900 individuals sign up online for those shifts. Using this year as an example, our event is still happening but on a MUCH smaller scale, making it unnecessary for the current jobs I had posted to the website. I know I can deactivate shifts in bulk fashion by selecting all the opportunities I want and deactivating them. What I really need is a way that I can select all of the "responses" from the response tab at once and delete them. 

I know how to delete responses for shifts and individuals, but in this case I already had nearly 200 individuals in nearly 200 jobs and going through to delete them one by one was more tasking than putting them on the website to begin with.

In the "response" tab, you can "select all", I just wish there was an option from there that allows you to delete all that are selected! This would also be efficient if you were looking to delete several people at once. Just select their names from the responses tab and delete the selected!

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Hi, Courtney,

Thanks for contributing to the forum. If I remember correctly about your use case, the responses are deleted at the end of the season so that it is clearer who has signed up for any specific year at the State Fair. With that use case in mind, I can definitely see how it would be helpful to have a way to bulk delete responses. To confirm, this is what I'll pass on to the enhancements team, "the ability to bulk delete responses for the responses management area." If that's not exactly correct, let me know and I will totally revise.


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I agree with Courtney that there should be a "bulk" unregister option. 

For example, I've had volunteers sign up in the past for 25+ shifts but never show up and don't respond to our emails/phone calls. I don't want the volunteer to keep taking up all these spots and not show up, so I need to unregister them from all the shifts they've signed up for in order to open up the spot so someone else can sign up. 

However, the only option available right now is to manually remove the volunteer from each shift individually, which is extremely time-consuming. A "bulk" option to unregister a volunteer who has signed up for multiple shifts would be extremely helpful!

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Hi Angela,

Thank you for sharing your request in our product suggestions forum! I've updated this request to include your support for a bulk deactivate responses option!

All the best,



I was just about to submit a similar request and saw this chain. 

I have a few opportunities where volunteers claim shifts for long amounts of time and sometimes have volunteers no longer able to do it. I don't want to delete the shift or the opportunity but would like to be able to bulk unregister a specific user so that their shifts become available. 

Thank you!


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Hi Elise, thanks for adding your voice to this thread!

I have updated our enhancement list to include your support for this idea.

Have an excellent day!


I have this happen too. Typically on recurring shifts. Volunteers will accidentally select all the shifts. It is very time-consuming as it is a two-step delete process for each response (click the X then click yes when asked "Are you sure you want to delete this response?"). 

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Hi Lacey,

I hope you’re doing well, and thank you for this post! I have added “a way to bulk delete responses from the response management area” to our list of product suggestions, and will make sure to discuss this with the rest of the team.


Have a great day!

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I completely agree and am surprised more people don't need this feature as well! I have volunteers sign up for several months of one shift and then they move away, or need to switch to another and I have to manually go in and delete each response, since if I "remove from all shifts", it will delete even the shifts they've already completed and logged hours for. I agree that it would be easiest to add a remove button on the responses page, since you can already select them easily. Thanks!

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Hello Colleen and Happy New Year!

I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, especially how removing future responses in bulk instead of manually would really help in removing volunteers who've had changed their schedule for whatever necessary reason that comes up! I'll be sharing with the team your experience and about how how adding a feature like a button to remove responses in bulk in the responses page would be a great solution to this.

Thank you so much,


I also have a circumstance that a bulk unregister option would be helpful. I have a volunteer that signed up for 300 shifts and isn't doing any. It's easier for me to remove all of the shifts (they only have a capacity of 1) and re-add them than to unregister her from each shift. I'd rather not do that but it's the fastest option.

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Hi Cindy,

I definitely  understand how cumbersome it would be to unregister a volunteer who signed up for 300 shifts (How eager!) and instead have to remove all the shifts and then re-add those shifts again to remove their responses. This will be shared with the team and developers. Thank you for sharing your insight and vote here!

All the best,


I was searching for a way to unregister a large number of volunteer sign-ups, and found this thread. Just adding my voice to those who have also requested this feature. I have volunteers who sign up for multiple shifts at a time, sometimes a month or two in advance. When their schedules change, or they no-show, or leave, or end their volunteerism in that role for whatever reason, I am then left spending a large amount of time individually removing their sign ups, one by one. This would be an extremely helpful time-saving feature!

Hi Bre,

Thanks so much for taking the time to voice your support for this idea! I have added your thoughts to our existing enhancement notes and will be happy to keep you updated here with any new developments related to this suggestion. 

Thank you again and have a great day!

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