Easy way to see content of email blasts after you've sent them

It would be great to have an easier way to see the content of the email blasts you've sent other than clicking on an individual user's name, clicking "Emails," and viewing those. The easiest and most intuitive way would be if I could click on the name of an email under "Email Stats" and view what that email said. "Email Stats" only shows numbers, not content. 

Currently, the best way I can figure out is that from "Email Stats," I export list of who got an email, then find one of those users and click their email tab and then the name of the email to view the content of that email. A lot of steps just to re-reference something I've sent out.


Hi Leslie, thanks for writing in!

I think that's a great idea, I can see how being able to just click on a previous email blast to get the content would be really convenient. I will make sure to add this to our list of enhancements to review, and bring it up in our next meeting. 

In the meantime, I do have few suggestions that should make it easier to get to an email's content:

1. You can save your email blasts each time you send one out, which will then let you access your previous email campaigns using the Load Saved Email feature

2. If you send out a lot of email blasts, this might make your list too long, so another thing you can do is make sure you are included in the list of recipients for each email blast. That way, you can find the email in your own inbox, allowing you to skip the step of finding a user who got the email. 

I hope that's helpful, please write to us if you need anything else!

Hi Leslie,

Great news -- we have added the ability to view email content for messages sent from the email blast tool to the software. Now admins can easily view what content was sent in an email blast after the fact, without needing to add themselves to the recipient list.

You can read more about that and our other recent enhancements here!

Thanks again for your support.


CX Specialist


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