Move Volunteer Comment Box to Top of Screen

When making notes in a volunteer's profile for our admin team to read, things often get missed due to the comment box being at the bottom of the page on their profile. It would be helpful if the comment box could be moved to the top of the screen (admin view) and/or if there could be a pop-up message for these notes when you go to the volunteer profile,  especially for any restrictions or incidents that need to be reported to all volunteer coordinators. 

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Hi Katrina,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback in our Product Suggestions Forum! I can understand why this improvement would be helpful to sites you frequently use the comment section to communicate information about volunteers. With that in mind, here is what I will share with our development team:

  • As a site manager, I would like to view the "Comment" section of a volunteers profile first, so that no relevant notes from other admins are missed.

Please let me know if I've missed anything!

All the best,


Hi Caitlin and Katrina,

I like this. I also wonder if there's a way to add an icon next to someone's name within the system. If there is any content in their comment section, their name can be highlighted in opportunities they respond to? 

This would be useful for challenging situations (incidents/restrictions) and notable information (they are a board member or VIP).



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That would be incredible, Cody!

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Hi Cody,

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Can you tell me a little bit more about what this icon would indicate?

For your second suggestion, it sounds like you'd like a way for managers to quickly take note of volunteers who have information in their profile that may need to be reviewed. Since the ability to tag a volunteer and leave a comment is available, I wonder if exposing these fields as columns in the Response Table would accomplish this goal. Let me know what you think!

Regarding tracking Board Members and VIPs, we typically suggest taking advantage of our User Group feature. If you have questions about how you might use this feature for these types of volunteers, please reach out to!

All the best,


Hi Caitlin,

If someone has content in their profile's private comment box it might be nice to see this indicated by their name at other parts of the system. Maybe a star or exclamation point, drawing the manager's eye and reminding them to click on their profile to see what the alert is about. 

If there was a way to indicate positive or negative (loosely speaking) that would be great. That might indicate we have a challenge with a volunteer or they are VIP. 

It does sound like the tag feature might be able to help here, but I need to look into it more. The User Group may work, but this requires the User to take some action (as I understand it). 

The icon would really be about giving the manager a heads up that someone of note (whether positive or negative) is planning to participate in an upcoming shift.


Hi Cody,

Thank you for that additional feedback! I will record the following request:

  • If a comment has been left about a volunteer, any time they appear in a table, an icon will be displayed next to their name. 
    • Some way to indicate that the comment is good or bad is desired, as well.


Regarding User Groups, only site managers can add volunteers to a User Group. Unless you'd like their hours to be associated with the User Group, there are no additional steps a volunteer needs to take. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Arrive late to the party. I love all of these suggestions. I'd also love it of the comments box could be expanded or changed to be an additional user tab, as the current box is so tiny it makes it hard to leave and read detailed comments.

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I agree with what everyone has added before and just wanted to say how grateful I would be for some version of this enhancement! It would be great if it was exclusively visible to site or program managers so that we don't have to add volunteers to a "challenging volunteer" user group that they would be able to see on their profile. 


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We also would love to have the comment box up at the top so it can easily be seen by Admin users!  We would like an easy way to indicate if a volunteer should not be allowed to sign up for any volunteer shifts.  For example, if we've had to unfortunately fire a volunteer, how can we indicate that so other Admin users will see it easily?

Thank you all so much for taking the time to add your suggestions to this post! I will be sure the following requests are added to our team’s notes for review. 

  • The ability to expand the comments box 

  • The ability to make comments exclusively visible to Site Managers and Program Managers

  • The ability to indicate if volunteers are no longer allowed to respond to Opportunities/Needs

  • The ability for Site Managers to easily view the comments box at the top of the page or in another tab

Please let me know if I have missed anything. All the Best, Olivia 

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