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It would be nice to have certain qualifications be specific to a user group.  Currently, all qualifications set-up in the system are viewable to all users.  Sometimes, we have unique waivers for specific opportunities.  Being able to hide these for certain users, or make them visible only if the user is part of a certain user group would be helpful.

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That is a great idea Vanessa. We have volunteers that need CPR certification, but it is only for a handful of opportunities. 

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for adding this to our forums! 

When it comes to having qualifications being associated to a specific user group, do you mean that you want to require users to have this qualification prior to be able to be added to the group or that the qualification would be automatically required for all opportunities/needs attached to the user group?

Currently with the software, you can add unique qualification waivers to specific opportunities/needs. You would use settings similar to this:

Having the setting for "Required" turned off and "Hide From Registration" turned on will prevent users from seeing it until they try to respond to those specific opportunities. If the opportunity is private and only visible to the user group, only those folks will be presented this qualification waiver. However, a user would be able to see this qualification when reviewing their Edit Profile > Qualifications list.



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I think what I am looking for is a way to hide qualifications from certain users so they don't always show up when reviewing their edit profile > Qualifications list.  Depending on how many qualifications you set-up, that list can start getting a little long and it would be nice if users didn't need to see qualifications that would never pertain to them.  Setting up qualifications specific to user groups seems to be a way to do this, but there could be other ways as well.

Hi Vanessa,

That's a great point, thank you for explaining that in detail! That is really helpful for my notes to give to our team and development. Here is what I will add to our enhancements board:

"Ability for a site manager to attach a qualification to a specific user group. This would be to give more control to the site manager, and would improve user experience by preventing users from seeing qualifications that do not apply to them."

Let me know if this needs adjusting or anything! 

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that sounds perfect :)

Hi Vanessa,

Great! I have added this to your board for review.

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she / her

Will the ability to attach a qualification to a specific user group be added soon?

Another solution might be to just be able to "Hide" incomplete qualifications from user profile.  Or maybe there's an option on the Qualification to select "Include in User Profile" with a Yes/No option.   

I have some users who attempt to complete everything even though they're not signing up for an opportunity. They just want the incomplete qualifications area to disappear.

Hi Tina,

Thank you for checking up on this product suggestion post! At this time, I don't have any updates on whether this idea will be adopted. Ideas shared here are reviewed by our team and, while we do our best to advocate on our clients' behalf, we aren't able to guarantee that an idea will be included in a future release. I have made a note that you are another client interested in this request. Lots of interest in an idea can help promote the overall value of a suggestion to our teams, so we appreciate you taking the time to post!

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Hi Christy,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this thread! This is somewhat different than what other folks have requested, so I want to make sure I'm capturing your request correctly. Here is what I'm hearing:

As a site manager, I would like to the ability to specify which qualifications should appear in the User's Profile, so that volunteer's won't feel obligated to complete qualifications that are only required for opportunities.

Does this sound like an accurate reflection of your request? Please let me know if there's anything I need to adjust!

All the best,


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