Banning Users

Hi everyone,

I am a site manager.  Our nonprofit helps around 85 other nonprofits with their volunteer recruitment.  

One long-standing issue is serial no-show volunteers.  I would like to prevent repeat offenders from being able to sign up for shifts that they have no intention of showing up for.  This prevents other volunteers from signing up!

Is there a way to do this?

Hi Hope, 

Thanks for writing in with your question! Unfortunately, there is no good way to block people from using the software. For example, if you block one email address, they could just use another, the same with IPs. I think the best way to handle this is to speak directly with the volunteer and let them know the damage they cause when they sign up for something and then don't show up. Potentially encourage all your partners to keep their own list of no-show volunteers and when one signs up, make sure to reach out to the directly to confirm their involvement or delete their response.

Another option would be to increase the capacity by 1 when a repeat no-show volunteer signs up. Worst case scenario, you have an extra volunteer! 


Hi Hope, 

What we are doing is adding their "no-show" history in comments in their user profile. This can be accessed by Site managers only, but I have added comments to one of our custom reports so the agency managers can view the comments as well. Hope this helps. 

Have a good day! 

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