Shift capacity a problem at the kiosk


I'm wondering if there is a solution for this: we have to put a capacity on our volunteer opportunities. And it would be super useful if the check-in kiosk was not bound by the capacity. 

Often we have people who just show up and we do not turn them away. Also common: team leaders reserve spots and their people create accounts, but don't make it to the JOIN TEAM page and hit the button. So the shift is totally full because of the reserved slots.

When those people arrive and go to check in, they have accounts. But when they click"View other Volunteer Opportunities" the shift they came for does not show up because it is at capacity for registrations. Later I have to go in and manually enter them, which is a hassle. 

Can we make it possible for people to check into a full shift? Thanks for the help!

- Holly

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