Add template key for Join Link to the "Users: Welcome to the Team" notification


I am trying to use this email "Users: Welcome to the Team" as a main way to communicate to team leaders what's expected of them (reserve spots, invite people, etc), and also to communicate to people who are added to teams who may want to include their family members, co-workers, etc, -- they often reach out to me to see what they need to do to help others get registered and set up to volunteer.

I am trying to indicate to people who've been added to the team that any volunteers over 18 need to register ahead of time, and I would like to give them the join link in this email.  Right now I am including the link to the registration page But I would like to give them the join link so that they can invite others to register AND then join the team with the join link, so that they can check into the shift when they arrive. 

Thanks so much for the help!

- Holly

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Hi Holly, 

Good morning! From my understanding, you would like the Team Join Link to be included as a template key in the "Users: Welcome to the Team" automated notification. I will make a note of your suggestion for further discussion. 

Thank you!


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Hi all,

I was about to create a new ticket but Holly's says a lot of what is needed. I absolutely think the join link should be a Template Key that can be included in Team notifications. 

I'd go a step further though and propose an entirely new Team notification. This template would be geared specifically to Team Leaders. Team Leaders would receive this email instead of the "Welcome to the Team" email. This would allow the Team Leader to receive guidance in how to manage their Team effectively while leaving the current email for Team Members.

This email could include the join link, how to add members, delete members, etc. All the info a Team Leader needs to coordinate things on their end would be in this email.



Hi Cody, 

I hope you've been well! Thank you for adding a suggestion to add a new notification that goes to the Team Leader once the team is created. I will add that as a new suggestion for our developers to review! 

Thank you and I hope you have a happy new year!


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