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I know of a teen in eminent need of your equine program assistants.  As a prior psychiatric R.N. for  the L. A. County Crisis Unite for teens, I recognize the signs of a 13 year old cutting herself.  I believe equine therapy intervention at this point could possibly avoid a lifetime down the road of psychiatric intervention.  I can find nothing on your site for information regarding engaging a child into your program.  This year our Boand Family Foundation gave $30,000.00 to FishLine for a new van.  We also provided Kitsap Humane Society with $69,000,000.00 over the past three years for a new training center in their newly rebuilt facility.  So, I have just discovered your organization and am happy to add it to the list of groups we support.  As a rider of 40+ years I know very well the healing nature of the bond with a horse.

Is there any way you can be of help to me with this 13 year old girl?  I believe her father is a vet and probably has medicare.  Thank you very much, sincerely Nicole Boand 

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