Request for Manager side ability to resend reminders for waivers (qualifications)

Right now, in order to resend the waiver reminder on the site you have to assume the user's identity (which logs you out of all pages) and go to their qualifications tab and click on the resend email link here: 


It would be really helpful if you could do that on the manager side of the site so you don't have to assume the user for each person and you can send it from the admin side. The only thing you can do right now on manager side is view the waiver. Like this:


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Hi Hayley,

Thanks for writing in! I will add your suggestion to our board to review. 

Just to clarify, you are asking for a similar button to the "Resend Email" link in a user's Qualification area, but in the Site Manager perspective, correct?

In the meantime, as an alternative solution you are able to use the Email Blast feature to send a bulk email reminder out to those with a "Pending" qualification status. The User Filter you would use would look similar to this one:

Thanks again,


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