Make hours total for the user easily accessible to the manager

Hi Galaxy,


This one seems like a pretty simple fix.  Can you work on getting a total number of hours volunteered for an individual user that is easy to view at a glance, from the manager's view?  WITHOUT having to 'assume user' and thus log out of everything? 


It would be very helpful for us at Habitat, and I'm sure at all organizations that utilize volunteer support. 

Such a quick number total will allow a manager, at a glance, to know how dedicated and how long-serving a volunteer name is. ESPECIALLY with an organization that has hundreds of volunteers and multiple managers, it's impossible for each manager to know each name. A total number of hours served would be a very immediate way for a manager to get a feel for how invested a user is with the organization. 

It would also be SUPER helpful for any new managers who come on and (obviously) don't know anybody.

It would also be SUPER helpful for supervisors who are keeping track of hours for court-related or community service volunteers, when they call us to check on how far they are on their hourly totals. 


The current work-around, where you need to "assume user" and thus log out of everything that you're using to manage the site, just to see the total for the user, is cumbersome and inefficient.  And of course it's a big time-killer to have to look at the hours tab, get out the calculator, and total up hours that way. Definitely inefficient. 

I figure since the "hours" tab is there for each user anyway, with the itemized hours there, it can't possibly be a big process to include a running total there as well!  Right?


Thanks for your consideration. This seems so simple and would be SO helpful!


Jill Clare 

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100% agree!

Hi Jill and Cody,

Thank you for adding your thoughts on this! The desire to be able to view a user's hours total from within their profile has definitely been a request we have heard mentioned before, so I will add you to the existing notes we have on this.

We appreciate you both chiming in and advocating for this update. I hope you both have a safe holiday!



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