Convert Galaxy Digital to be Open API Compliant

Making the Galaxy Digital API Open API compliant means we could generate all interaction code in any language we want.

We had to spend several days implementing your API client in .NET, and are only part way through the implementation.

It would also provide self-documented API help pages using Swagger UI.

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FYI, I have begun a .NET Client to make interaction with your API easier. Also does the auto-patching for the "extras" array versus not array bug.

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Just so I'm clear. I'm talking about making the API Open API compliant:

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Hi Matthew, thanks for reaching out!

I have added your request here to our enhancement review list, and will make sure to bring this to our product team when I am reviewing our list with them. I'm always for improving our API, and we appreciate feedback from people who are using it to build something robust. 

There are a couple of requests here:

Make the API Open API compliant, and update the documentation to use swagger UI for self-documentation, each of which has been added as it's own request. 

Have a great day!

Good morning, 

What is the status of creating the OpenAPI compliant and the swagger self-documented? 

Does an endpoint exist? 

Hi Parris,

We don't currently have an endpoint for this, but I have made sure to add your support for this enhancement to our internal review list.

Thanks for writing in, and have a great day!

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