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On GC, program opportunities are listed in the order that they were entered. That means every time you add a program it gets precedence. It would be great if site managers would be given the flexibility of selecting which programs are listed first, and be allowed to reorder them as desired. 

Seems simple enough!

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Hi, Martha,

Thanks for posting here to the forums! I would be happy to pass this along to our enhancements team that site managers should have the ability to reorder how opportunities appear by default when volunteers click the needs page. I have a clarifying question here to make sure I pass on the full picture to the appropriate teams. Is there a specific order or selection of orders that would be preferable? Is it alphabetical? soonest?

I appreciate this information!


Maia Price
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Hi Martha,

I wanted to revisit this forum post and let you know that last year we pushed some new updates to the software including the ability to choose your default need/opportunity sort order. You can read more about it and the options here! This setting can be found in your Settings > Main Settings area.

As you can see, there is not a way to select a Program that gets precedence, but this does allow you to have more control over what opportunities your users see first when viewing the Opportunities list on your site.

We hope this helps you moving forward! Thanks again for adding your voice to our forum.


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I would like to order the opportunities alphabetically on the opportunity list

Thanks so much for this forum post. It addresses exactly my need. Unfortunately, I have not been able to implement and create the desired outcome. I have created new opportunities using the Clone option. I noticed the last created were the first listed. They are very date sensitive, so I've tried to reorder with the earliest dates being listed first. I've followed the instructions as I understand them, but without effect. Please advise. 

This does apply to Opportunities, not Needs. Those terms may be interchangeable, but I'm not sure.



  1. After further investigation, I see that when the "See more opportunities" tab is tapped, the list is in chronological order. But on the initial opening, the page shows only four of the six opportunities. That short list IS NOT in chronological order. Is that possible to change? 

Hi Jeff, and thanks for reaching out! The Suggested Opportunities section on the volunteer dashboard is actually collected based on a list of interests that the volunteer viewing this area shares with the opportunities to help present the volunteers with opportunities they are most likely to sign up for! 

At this time, the suggested opportunities section is not ordered by most recent, and this area is intentionally sorted by interest. 

You may also be referrign to the logged out view, which looks like this:

This section is ordered by those opportunities that have been updated most recently, and I can definitely see a product suggestion here that would make this respect the order in the need sort order setting in main settings! 

I have added this to our enhancement list, and will make sure to review it with my team in our next enhancement meeting. 

I appreciate your feedback!

Thank you for considering this as an enhancement possibility. I look forward to hearing the final decision and application.

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